Statement by Russel McPhate, Solicitor on behalf of Bill Walker

The pronouncing of sentence by the Sheriff on the charges for which Mr Walker has been found guilty concludes this part of the proceedings.

I can confirm that Mr Walker maintains his innocence in respect of these charges and an Appeal has already been lodged with the Court inviting the Sheriff to state a case for the opinion of the High Court of Justiciary. An application has been made to the Sheriff for Mr Walker’s interim liberation pending the hearing of the Appeal. Should that application be refused by the Sheriff the High Court will be asked to rule on the application and that is likely to happen early next week.

Thereafter, the Sheriff will require to state a case for the opinion of the High court dealing with the issues raised in the appeal which Mr Walker believes show there to have been a miscarriage of justice. The defence will have the opportunity of commenting upon and proposing adjustments to that case. It is likely to be several weeks before that part of the process is concluded and the papers transmitted to the High Court.

The appropriate forum for the discussion of the issues relating to the Appeal is the High Court of Justiciary. Accordingly, Mr Walker will not be making any further public comment on the case at this time.

Bill Walker Announces His Resignation as Member of the Scottish Parliament

Bill Walker has tonight (SAT) submitted his resignation to the Scottish Parliament as MSP for Dunfermline.

Mr Walker said: “It has been increasingly difficult for my wife and my staff to deal with the media interest in my case. That same media onslaught has also made it impossible to properly represent my constituents and their interests.

“My trial process on domestic abuse charges still continues at Edinburgh Sheriff Court with the sentence not due to be announced until September 20 after the receipt of the reports ordered by the court. However, circumstances have made it very difficult to continue as MSP, hence my decision to withdraw now.

“It has been a pleasure since May 2011 to serve the people of the Dunfermline constituency.

“As several other serving members of the parliament have bravely tried to point out, the court proceedings have not yet concluded. After September 20, there will be an opportunity for me to consider whether there are grounds for appeal and, under legal advice from my solicitor, I shall be making no further comment at this stage.”