A Call for Answers From the Anti-Independence Parties

Bill Walker, SNP MSP for Dunfermline, has suggested the anti-independence parties are sending out mixed messages to the electorate in their approach to the future of Scotland.
He has called on Fife opposition MSPs to make clear which line they follow:
“I would ask the Regional Labour MSPs, John Park and Richard Simpson, whether they agree with their current leader Johann Lamont in following David Cameron’s line, which is that the UK Government, with its single seat in Scotland, should impose conditions on the Scottish independence referendum.
“Or do they take the line of their fellow Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm, who has pleaded with them to ‘speak out against Cameron’s mad meddling’?
“Do Willie Rennie, Elizabeth Smith and Murdo Fraser agree that their leader in the UK Coalition, David Cameron, should call the shots?
“Another matter of confusion has again been highlighted, this time by the UK Coalition’s proposed Scotland Bill, which one of Holyrood’s most senior Tory MSPs, Alex Fergusson, has spoken out against. The anti-independence parties cannot seem to agree how much power should be devolved to Scotland.”
Mr Fergusson, former Presiding Officer in the Scottish Parliament, has criticised the UK Coalition’s proposed Scotland Bill as “unsatisfactory”. He has called for the Scottish Parliament to have greater fiscal autonomy through devolved tax-raising powers.
Mr Walker said: “While Mr Fergusson’s views are refreshing and commendable, they are in direct conflict with his leader in Holyrood, Ruth Davidson.
“In contrast to the division and hopeless floundering in the anti-independence parties, the SNP Government made a clear commitment, prior to re-election, to hold a referendum in the second half of this Parliament.
“That is what people voted for in unprecedented numbers last May, and that is the promise we intend to honour.”

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