Fife is Evidence of New Report on Scotland’s Attractiveness to Investors

SNP MSP Bill Walker has welcomed a report that shows Scotland is the most attractive location for foreign companies to invest, ahead of every region in the UK outside London.
The study, by the renowned Cardiff Business School, reveals that Scotland attracted an average of nine per cent of new UK inward investment projects between 2005-10. By contrast, the next highest ranking was North West England at only 6.8 per cent.
Mr Walker said that Fife and his own Dunfermline constituency backed up the findings:
“In recent months, Dunfermline has benefitted from investment by American giant Amazon, which has brought a huge jobs boost. Other inward investment has included Shepherd Offshore, who took over the Hyundai white elephant site and who, as Amazon has done, open potential opportunities for Carnegie College training programs.
“Now, 500 jobs are being created by Samsung Heavy Industries, one of the world’s largest companies in its sector, which is investing in a £100m offshore wind project. I am delighted at this news, which will help revitalise Methil and the surrounding areas, which are still suffering from the loss of heavy industry under the policies of Westminster Governments. And again, this may provide significant new opportunities for Carnegie College.
“Scotland is internationally recognised as a world-leader in renewable energy. Investors share that view and are setting up in Scotland.”
Mr Walker added: “While apolitical, the study by the internationally respected Cardiff Business School demonstrates clearly that the constant belittling of our country by the anti-independence parties, who absurdly persist in claiming that Scotland’s constitutional future is putting off investors, is the worst kind of dishonest scaremongering.
“Despite severe cuts by the UK Government, the Scottish Government is working hard to attract investors—and it is succeeding. The Scottish work ethic and our good business sense are recognised abroad. We should have faith and see ourselves as others see us.”

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