Economic Recovery Budget

Finance Secretary John Swinney’s “budget for economic recovery” will benefit Dunfermline and the wider economy, says local MSP Bill Walker.
The budget will bring £382m additional capital spending for 2012-15 and support 5000 jobs, with investment being channelled into transport, housing, health and digital projects.
Mr Walker said: “Particularly welcome is the £45m being channelled into affordable social housing, with £42m allocated to housing loans and equity. Lack of affordable housing is a devastating issue for so many people, and this is the kind of investment our communities need.
“Also great news for Dunfermline, particularly students of Carnegie College, is the commitment to our young people through an additional £11.4 million top-up funding for student support, plus a further £8 million for the Scottish Funding Council. That’s in addition to the £20 million already allocated to the college sector in the past month.
“I have received emails and postcards from students as part of the Our future, our fight campaign. The SNP Government has listened to those students and taken their concerns on board in this budget.
“The Scottish Government has delivered a budget for economic recovery in stark contrast to the approach of the Westminster Coalition, whose savage slashing of Scotland’s budget includes the removal of £6.7b, in real terms, from the capital budget over four years.
“Despite Westminster cuts and a harsh economic climate, Mr Swinney’s budget delivers real investment. The people of Dunfermline and Scotland voted for the SNP to steer our economy to recovery, and that is the primary focus.”

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