Dunfermline MSP Warns Against Labour’s Forth Crossing Negativity

Labour is doing companies in Fife and Scotland a disservice by ignoring the benefits of the Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC), says Dunfermline SNP MSP Bill Walker, after a further 88 subcontracts were advertised.
Mr Walker said: “Scottish companies have bid successfully for some 118 out of 155 subcontracts on the FRC project. In addition, 83.5 per cent of supply orders on the Principal Contract have been awarded to Scottish firms.
“The Labour Party ought to encourage companies to apply for subcontracts, instead of keeping up this negative political campaign. They do Scottish firms no favours by playing down the opportunities available.
“They refuse to acknowledge the benefits the FRC is bringing to Fife and Scotland. They need to put party politics aside for once and think of Scottish businesses and the Scottish economy.
“Even when 88 subcontracts have been announced, all they can do is scaremonger and claim Scotland is losing out. Typical of them to completely ignore the facts. If there was ever was a time to think beyond party rivalry, this is it.
“Further, they disingenuously propose a nonsense way of tendering out contracts. Were the Scottish Government to do as Labour says, the Government would risk breach of contract and legal challenges. The progress of the FRC would be jeopardised.
“The SNP Government will continue to ensure firms in Fife and throughout Scotland benefit from the FRC, a project essential for Scotland’s sustainable economic growth and which is already creating jobs for Scottish people.”

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