Lamont’s Bridge Stoppage Call Challenged by SNP MSPs

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker has joined his Edinburgh Western SNP colleague, Colin Keir, in calling on Johann Lamont to set out the cost in jobs and money of her demand to stop the construction of the Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC).
Both MSPs, whose constituencies benefit from the project, say the Labour leader would jeopardise hundreds of jobs held by people already employed on the project, as well as 1200 jobs to be created.
Mr Walker said: “Johann Lamont’s call for a suspension of contracts is nothing short of reckless. As usual, Labour don’t trouble themselves with the reality of consequences when they issue their ill-thought-out demands.
“The leader of the Labour Party would see thousands of jobs lost, direct ones and indirect, which makes me question why her party even bothers to call itself ‘Labour’ any more.”
Meanwhile, Mr Keir said workers on the Forth Crossing—and on the 118 out of 155 subcontracts that have gone to Scottish companies—would be “deeply concerned by Labour’s plans”.
Mr Keir added: “Suspending the contract for the Forth Crossing would see jobs put in danger, existing contracts scrapped and millions added to the bill.
“And Labour clearly haven’t thought about the legal implications and costs of suspending a contract that has saved the Scottish Government between £250 and £400 million pounds—money which is being invested in small scale projects across the country.
“Instead of supporting the Scottish Government’s efforts to persuade the EU and UK to allow us to take economic benefit into account when awarding contracts, Labour want to stop any economic benefit at all by stopping the contract.”

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