Tailored Social Care Support Options

MSP Bill Walker has welcomed steps taken by the Scottish Government to put choice and control at the heart of social care packages, hailing it as good news for those in Dunfermline receiving care.
On Thursday, the Scottish Government published the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Bill, which aims to enshrine in legislation the right of individuals to direct their own care, should they wish to do so.
Mr Walker, SNP MSP for Dunfermline, said:
“Self-directed support has been available for some time, but often too many people are unaware of their options, both those requiring support and also their carers. Among those who are aware, sometimes they don’t receive enough assistance to help them choose their support.
“This Bill means local authorities will offer a range of self-directed support options, so individuals can tailor their support to match their needs.
“It’s good news for my constituents in Dunfermline who have contacted me over care issues. People will have greater independence over their lives and will have more effective care at the level they require, without the restrictions of packages they don’t opt for.”

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