Reduction in Fife Road Casualties

Casualties on Fife roads are at a record low, with fatalities having already dropped to the Scottish Government’s target for 2020 and serious injuries falling to the 2015 target.

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker welcomed the news but warned there is no room for complacency:

“This is excellent news, with 2011 seeing the lowest recorded number of road injuries of all time in Fife.

“The good progress looks set to continue this year, but of course there is no room for complacency. Every person hurt or killed on the roads is a tragedy, and we must keep striving to make Fife roads safer.”

Fife Council and the Fife Community Safety Partnership are at the forefront of measures to improve road safety. Dr Bob McLellan, Head of Transportation & Environment Services at Fife Council, attributed the decrease in casualties to such measures as 20mph zones, educational initiatives including Safe Drive Stay Alive and Pass Plus, enforcement action from the Police and to Fife Camera Safety Partnership.

There were 448 recorded accidents on Fife’s roads in 2011, resulting in a total of 597 casualties (11 fatal, 91 serious injuries and 495 slight injuries).  This is a record low number of overall injuries for the second year running. 

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