Parliamentary Progress on High Hedges Bill is Good News for Dunfermline

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker has welcomed the progress of his parliamentary colleague Mark McDonald‘s efforts to legislate for high hedges.

Last September, North East SNP MSP Mr McDonald won the full support of the Scottish Government when he announced his intention to take forward the SNP’s manifesto pledge to tackle the problem of nuisance high hedges. He lodged a draft proposal last December, and yesterday (Thursday) he lodged a final proposal with the Parliament outlining the proposed High Hedges Bill.

Mr Walker said: “A number of constituents from the Dunfermline area have contacted me regarding issues with their neighbours’ high hedges. High hedges can cause real problems, blocking out light, obstructing views and souring relations between neighbours.

“I’m very pleased with the progress Mark McDonald is making with his bill. This is great news for Dunfermline and across the country, and I look forward to the bill passing into law.”

For the proposal to be taken forward, 18 MSPs from at least 2 of the parties represented on the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body have to support the bill. Once the bill has gathered enough support and the drafting process has been completed, the draft bill will be introduced before parliament.

Commenting after lodging the proposal, Mr McDonald said:

“I am pleased that the final proposal is now lodged and we have taken another step forward to solve the problem of nuisance high hedges.

“Over the last few months, it has become even clearer that this is a problem that affects households from all parts of Scotland, so I would urge MSPs of all parties to back this proposal and ensure a bill can proceed.”

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