Local Deli-Café Launches Dunfermline Beer

Dunfermline once again has its own beer, after more than a century — thanks to David Austin of popular New Row deli-café, Reuben’s.

The ‘de Brus’ blonde ale is named after the Bruce clan and already has the seal of approval from the current Clan Chief, Lord Elgin.

De Brus will be the featured beer in Reuben’s wine store, which already stocks around 60 beers. Mr Austin hopes local bars and restaurants will stock the beverage and that people will look upon it as Dunfermline’s local beer.

Bill Walker, MSP for Dunfermline, welcomed the innovation:

“It’s great that Dunfermline once again has its own beer. I hope it’s a success and raises the profile of Dunfermline.

“Good luck to Reuben’s. I look forward to sampling de Brus and raising my glass to this venture!”

The beer, which has a touch of honey and citrus and is five per cent proof,  is described by Mr Austin as being made to a unique recipe but as a “traditional Scottish beer with a nod to the past brewing history of Dunfermline.”

Prior to creating the beer, Mr Austin researched the brewing traditions of Dunfermline and discovered a 400-year-old tradition that lasted until 1898. Among the last brewers to close were the Dunfermline Brewery near Bruce Street and Mony Roddis in Nethertown. He found that, at one point, seven distilleries operated and that the preferred beverage was a traditional working man’s beer called “Dunfermline’s Nut Brown Ale”.

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