Council Elections

Congratulations to all the recently elected Fife Councillors. I look forward to working with them as Dunfermline MSP.

Our councillors have a vital duty towards the people of Fife to provide the best possible standards of service. Their decisions affect all of us, whether our concerns are with housing, roads, social work, recycling, education or the wide range of other services Fife Council provides.

Regardless of the political stripes of the new Council Administration, I wish the councillors every success and am sure they will put the needs of all their constituents to the fore.

I particularly extend my best wishes to Cllr Jim Leishman on his appointment as Provost of Fife. I know that Jim is a decent man who will work very hard for Fife and who won’t forget Dunfermline in his new role as ‘Mr Fife’!  I look forward to working with him for the specific benefit of the Dunfermline area.

The above was originally written for Bill’s Dunfermline Press column. This version may vary slightly.

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