Fuel Duty U-Turn

MSP for Dunfermline Bill Walker has welcomed an announcement made this afternoon that Tory Chancellor George Osborne has dropped his unpopular plans for a three-pence fuel increase. The price hike was due to hit consumers in August.

Mr Walker said: “This latest U-turn will be a relief for already hard-pressed motorists and for businesses struggling with the current sky-high fuel prices.

“The Chancellor has finally seen sense—but not before a long and determined campaign at Westminster led by the SNP and with cross-party support.

“A Budget clause, supported by 54 MPs from across nine parties, was to be formally tabled at Westminster today. Householders, hauliers and businesses had all united against the Chancellor’s cash grab, which was set up as a tax escalator by the previous Labour Government

“It’s a scandal that Scotland, an oil-rich nation, should face some of the highest fuel prices in Europe. Well over half of the price we pay at the pump goes straight into the Exchequer’s coffers in the form of fuel duty and VAT.

“For too long, Westminster governments have held consumers over a barrel when it comes to fuel prices, but it’s good to know that SNP and some other MPs at Westminster are willing to fight their corner.”

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