Lauriston Nursery’s Impressive Inspection

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker has welcomed a recent inspection by Education Scotland that ranked Lauriston Nursery as “very good” in all evaluation categories.

Inspectors spoke to parents and children at the Dunfermline nursery and worked closely with the head and staff. They based their assessment on the curriculum, children’s experiences, meeting learning needs, improvements in performance and improvement of the nursery through self-evaluation.

Mr Walker said: “This is an impressive result, and I commend the head and staff of Lauriston Nursery for their hard work and dedication.

“The aim of the inspection was to establish how well the nursery supports children in learning and achievement. Inspectors looked at, in particular, outdoor learning and play, the involvement of children and parents in the life of the nursery, and the commitment of staff to improving their work.

“They found that the children were happy in their environment and were making very good progress in learning and development. They also noted that the children were encouraged to become involved in deciding what they would like to learn and how they wanted to learn. Children could take part in a wide range of enriching experiences, especially outdoor learning and play.

“Among staff, the inspectors commended highly effective leadership and a strong sense of teamwork. They found that staff and parents were committed to continued improvement of the nursery.

“These results are excellent, and I am sure the nursery will continue to be a credit to Dunfermline and a great choice for parents and children.”

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