S4M-04063: UK Defence Secretary’s Absence from Scotland

That the Parliament expresses regret that Philip Hammond has yet to visit Scotland since becoming Secretary of State for Defence 11 months ago; notes that his absence occurs at a time when historic Scottish regiments have faced uncertainty regarding whether they would survive UK Government cuts; understands that over the last 10 years successive UK administrations have underspent on Scotland’s defence budget by £5.6 billion; further understands that between 2000 and 2010 Scotland experienced a 27.9% reduction in service personnel compared with 11.6% across the UK and that the number of service jobs continued to decline over the last year; considers these cuts to be disproportionate and damaging to Scotland, and believes that the potential £25 billion or more put aside for the upgrade of Trident nuclear missile submarines would be far better either saved for the taxpayer or spent more appropriately on non-nuclear defence.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Brian Adam, Richard Lyle, Dave Thompson

Date Lodged: 10/09/2012

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