Question S4W-10613: Aviation fuel at Edinburgh Airport

Bill Walker: To ask the Scottish Government what information it holds regarding the recent lack of aviation fuel at Edinburgh Airport, which caused the unscheduled diversion of fuel of several outgoing flights, and what steps it will take to prevent delays for passengers caused by refuelling diversions.

Date Lodged: 25/10/2012

Answered by Keith Brown (Minister for Transport and Veterans) (09/11/2012): The Scottish Government facilitated meetings between airport operators, refinery operator and fuel suppliers/distributors to explore their mitigation measures following a problem with aviation fuel production at the Grangemouth refinery which resulted in temporary disruption to supplies to airports, including Edinburgh. Ultimately, these are issues for the privately owned airports to deal with in partnership with their fuel suppliers/distributors.

The Scottish Government will facilitate a further meeting with all parties to ensure that lessons are learned to reduce the likelihood of disruption to aviation fuel in the future.

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