Halbeath Park and Choose

Recently I attended the launch of the Halbeath Park and Choose, where Scottish Government Transport Minister Keith Brown cut the first turf.

This facility, supported by £10m dedicated finance from the Scottish Government, is located near the M90 motorway. It will work similarly to Ferrytoll Park and Ride by enabling drivers to park their cars, then take a bus or car-share to their eventual destinations.

Ferrytoll has been a great addition to Fife, evidenced by the fact that it is often very full. The new Park and Choose will have a comparable capacity of 1,000 parking spaces.  Major local and long distance bus routes will be covered, and there is the possibility of a nearby railway station link in the future.

The Park and Choose is a great option for people commuting to work, as well as for shoppers and day-trippers.  I very much welcome the Scottish Government’s investment in our local infrastructure, including the new Forth Replacement Crossing, which I am glad to note is progressing under budget and on schedule.

The above was originally written for Bill’s Dunfermline Press column. This version may vary slightly.

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