Chief Constable Stephen House

I recently met up with the new Chief Constable of Scotland, Stephen House, at Tulliallan Castle, where the restructured single national police force has its interim headquarters.

As a supporter of making Tulliallan the permanent HQ, I was happy to note that the Chief Constable does not seem opposed to the possibility, though the police service will have to weigh up the pros and cons of all alternatives. Tulliallan is a convenient central location with an established Police College and with many facilities already in place, but the cost of installing a modern command and control centre will likely be key to the final decision.

Something Mr House made crystal clear is his long-standing support for the national police force. At this significant juncture in Scottish policing, his ‘can-do’ manner and impressive experience – 37 years’ service by the time his current four-year contract ends – give the reassuring feeling that he is the right man to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness.

He was particularly enthused when talking about how engaged with the community and locally representative the new force will be when it goes live next April.

The above was originally written for Bill’s Dunfermline Press column. This version may vary slightly.

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