New Forth Crossing Bang on Target

FRC“Excellent progress” is being made on the Forth Replacement Crossing, according to Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker on a recent visit to the newly built Contact and Education Centre adjacent to the Forth Road Bridge.

Mr Walker said: “All the signs are that the Forth Replacement Crossing construction is fully on target for completion in 2016. Some parts of the work are already complete ahead of schedule, such at the new roundabout now opened on the M9 motorway and, here in Fife, the ITM traffic flow system and improved bus lane heading south on the M90.

“From the Fife coast, you can easily see the construction work progressing on the mid-Forth Beamer Rock, on which the central tower of the new bridge will sit.  Even the Contact and Education Centre, which will later be converted into a Visitor Centre, was finished ahead of schedule.

“I was particularly pleased to again meet Ewen Macdonald, a chartered engineer currently working as Community Liaison Officer for the whole project.  Ewen and his team have already met many groups north and south of the Forth and are always willing to meet more people in west Fife to answer questions, address concerns and, of course, hear suggestions.  Some site visits to the Forth are possible, but there are restrictions due to the active construction work. Contact Ewen at for further information

“I congratulate all concerned on the excellent progress to date and wish everyone well over the next three years.  2016 is a year to really look forward to.”


MSP Bill Walker (right) with Lawrence Shackman, Forth Replacement Crossing Project Manager (left), and Ewen Macdonald, Bridge Construction Community Liaison Officer

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