Senior diplomat says EU and UN would embrace independent Scotland

Mark Malloch BrownDunfermline MSP Bill Walker has welcomed a former UN Deputy Secretary-General’s comments that the EU would be “anxious to embrace” an independent Scotland and that some reports on Scotland’s future UN membership have tried to “make a mountain out of a molehill for political reasons”.

Mark Malloch-Brown, who was also a Foreign Minister in Gordon Brown’s Labour government, told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program:

“I don’t think they (the EU) would have any particular reason to want to make things tricky for Scotland. I think the fact that Scotland would likely remain very pro-European would mean they’d be anxious to embrace Scotland and bring it in.

“So if they were going to make the issue embarrassing for anybody it’s more likely they’d make it embarrassing for London with whom they have bigger problems.”

He added that, by the time of Scotland’s Independence Day, the UK would be “’winding up for its own referendum on (EU) membership. It’s quite possible that this will have made relations between London and Brussels and the other European capitals pretty ragged.”

On Scotland’s future in the UN, Mr Malloch-Brown remarked: “People are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill for political reasons in some of how this is reported. After all, the UN started with 48 states. It now, I think, has 192 or 193 last time I looked, and so it’s very used to bringing in states.”

MSP Mr Walker said: “Mr Malloch-Brown is a very credible and experienced authority, and his comments have confirmed again that Scotland would be warmly welcomed by international organisations such as the EU and UN.

“His observations on the way the debate has been reported are very astute. I also think his prediction of chillier relations between the UK and the rest of Europe in the event of the Tories’ promised in-out EU-referendum should act as a wake up call, whether he intended it that way or not, for Scots who don’t want to see Scotland exiting the EU or our relations souring with our European neighbours.”

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