Dunfermline residents urged to follow Hearing Loss communication tips

IMG_0642MSP Bill Walker is urging Dunfermline residents to follow some top tips from Action on Hearing Loss to avoid making everyday life harder for family, friends or colleagues with hearing loss.

The charity’s website (www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/daw2013) features videos highlighting how difficult communication is for people who live life without sound. Visitors can take part in a fun challenge to lipread examples of everyday conversation, to discover just how confusing this can be for people who are deaf.

Dunfermline MSP Mr Walker said: “If people follow these simple communication tips, they can help remove the barriers that needlessly prevent people with hearing loss from participating fully in conversations.”

Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “One in six Dunfermline residents have some form of hearing loss, and many will avoid social occasions or have difficulty at work because they struggle to follow conversations when speaking with people who are not deaf aware.”

The charity’s tips include:

Make sure you have the person’s attention before you start speaking.

  • Places with good lighting (so that you can be lipread) and little or no background noise are best for conversations.
  • Face the person so you can be lipread. Speak clearly, using plain language, normal lip movements and facial expressions.
  • Check whether the person understands what you are saying. If not, try saying it in a different way.
  • Keep your voice down as it is uncomfortable for a hearing aid user if you shout, and it looks aggressive.
  • Learn fingerspelling or some basic British Sign Language (BSL). 
Bill Walker MSP with Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland

Bill Walker MSP with Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland

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