Yes Scotland Campaign

Prominent independence supporters from across the political and business spectrum have taken part in a packed and buoyant Yes Scotland meeting at the Dell Farquharson Centre in Dunfermline.

Yes Scotland Chairman and former Labour MP Dennis Canavan headed the panel. Also sharing their visions for a fairer and more prosperous independent Scotland were solicitor Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Allan Grogan of Labour for Independence, Trade Unionist Derek Durkin, and international business entrepreneur Ivan McKee from Business for Scotland.

My own question, answered by Mr Canavan, met with a rare negative from the Yes Campaign: “Does the panel think an independent Scotland will need Trident nuclear weapons on the Clyde to protect us from North Korea?”  I wasn’t surprised.

Yes Scotland encourages healthy debate on tactics and priorities, but the panelists agreed unanimously that release from London control is essential for social and economic progress in Scotland.

The meeting was a positive and powerful antidote to all the negativity from Alistair Darling’s “Better Together” and Gordon Brown’s “United with Labour”. To listen to these dismal people you would think Scotland was a barren desert completely dependent on London and that no other similar-sized country has ever become independent. But look at the success of Norway, New Zealand and a host of other countries if you need proof that small independent nations rich in resources can and do prosper.

The evening concluded with a standing ovation after a rousing speech from Dennis Canavan to achieve a big “Yes” for Scotland!

The above was originally written for Bill’s Dunfermline Press column. This version may vary slightly.

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