Local poet’s independence referendum tribute

West Fife poet Robert Sclater, a retired architectural designer, has written a topical new poem to commemorate the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

Mr Sclater’s extensive career has included working for Dunfermline architects Shearer and Annand and redesigning the visitor maps in Pittencrieff Park. He is a former pupil of Blacklaw, Woodmill and Queen Anne schools.


Land of Loch and Mountain
Land of Hill and Glen
With Pride we think of our Homeland
Held in the Hearts of all Women and Men

A simple cross on The Paper
Then our Destiny will be sealed
To be a Nation together
And never again to Yield

It’s been a long time coming
It’s now Our Time to Choose
Nothing will change our Spirit
Whether we win or we lose

For Scotland and its People
The Future Will Always be Bright
Our Children and Their Children
Can now inherit Their True Birth Right

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