Former MSP Bill Walker Acknowledges Unsuccessful Appeal at Edinburgh High Court

Bill Walker, former MSP for Dunfermline, has acknowledged the decision by the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh to not grant his Appeal against his Sheriff Court domestic abuse convictions last September regarding the two oldest convictions going back to 1967 and 1969.  In a previous High Court decision, permission was only given to appeal against these two 1967 and 1969 concerning his former wife.   Mr Walker continues to maintain his innocence of the other charges which range from 1978  to 1993/95.  
In noting the High Court decision, Mr Walker said: “I am very disappointed that their lordships have decided not to overturn my conviction on these two charges.  It is just a pity that their lordships could not also re-examine the validity of the other convictions which were all made under the Moorov Doctrine.  Nevertheless, I thank the High Court for considering these two convictions for which I have now actually served a prison sentence. 
“I am not a rich man and just cannot afford to pursue what I consider these wrongful convictions through other legal channels.  All my substantial costs to date have had to be paid out of my own pocket.  My wife and I shall now be getting on with the rest of our lives, together with a wide circle of family and friends.” 

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