Brexit and Salzburg

I’ve had another “Letter to the Editor” published in The Sunday Times yesterday (23 Sep 2018,page 28), following my previous one last month.  It was on Brexit and Theresa May’s meeting in Salzburg last week and is reproduced below.

Salzburg is a lovely place to visit but evidently not for any type of “negotiation”!



Dear Sir

Clean Break

Last month you published my letter on Brexit in which I said “we shall get nowhere by simply being nice to people”. And so it has come to pass in Salzburg.

Of course, as good neighbours we must continue being civil with our existing EU partners but with a clean leaving date on 29 Mar 2019. We should pay our legally required bills and then seek, separately, free-trading arrangements with the remaining EU and the rest of the world. Any border issues between the UK and Ireland are a matter for those two governments

Each convoluted move to appease the divided Conservative Party and suck up to the EU hierarchy is doomed. Let’s get on with it.

Yours faithfully

William G Walker



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