Mr Joseph Miller of Dunfermline

A Tribute to Joseph G Miller (Joe) of Dunfermline


I was very saddened to learn of the death (12 May 2019) of Joe Miller, a great and supportive friend, in Dunfermline.

I have known Joe for many years.  He was a great patriot and a long-term fighter for the Cause of Scottish Independence.  A prolific writer to the press, Joe’s letters were always concise and cogent, a style I longed to copy but failed in miserably.  Always gentlemanly and polite, Joe’s manner was focused on the substance of an argument and not on the personalities involved.

At the time of my campaign to win the Dunfermline seat in the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Election, Joe was Convener of  the Dunfermline Constituency Branch of the Scottish National Party (SNP).  Together with my Election Agent, Alan Stewart, he kept me on the “straight and narrow” and helped organise all the other volunteers in that successful campaign.

After my resignation from Parliament in September 2013, Joe and his wife, Joellen, were very supportive and helpful to me and my wife, June.  Perhaps the largest legacy to me was his assistance with Volume One of my autobiography (Bill Walker: My Story) published in September 2017.  Joe was always attempting to curb my tendency towards verbosity and recently finalised his Foreword to Volume Two, due to be published later this year.

Ever the courteous gentleman, I shall remember Joe fondly.  My thoughts are with Joellen and their children, Carol and William, at this extremely sad time of loss.

(Signed) William G Walker


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