Positive future

By nature, I am a positive person. I believe my fellow Scots are perfectly capable of operating our own country successfully in the modern world. I, therefore, find it difficult to understand the perpetual negativity of the No Campaign – the Tory-Labour-Liberal Democrat alliance opposed to Scotland achieving political independence from Westminster. These people tell us we are “Better Together”, but instead of explaining why 21st century Austerity Britain is the positive outcome of 300 years of London domination, their single tactic is to trot out a continuous diet of gloom and despair. This seems to be based on the notion that Scotland is a lost cause, though perhaps it isn’t surprising as politicians who owe their careers to Westminster will campaign on that basis.

As a campaigner for the return of our country’s independence, I want to see Scotland re-join the international community of nations, free to prioritise our specific needs and make our own links, including with our immediate neighbours in England and the rest of Europe. We now have a chance to restore our identity and to present our own outlook and set of values to the world. Read more of this post

Leading international lawyer argues Scotland and rUK will be “co-equal successor states” to EU

EUDunfermline MSP Bill Walker has welcomed comments from a top-level international lawyer and academic that post-independence Scotland will be a “co-equal successor” to the EU along with the rest of the UK (rUK).

Professor David Scheffer – formerly Special Advisor to Madeleine Albright at the United Nations and first US Ambassador-at-large for War Crimes Issues under the Clinton administration, and currently lecturing at North Western University School of Law – asserted:

“My argument quite frankly is that we have two co-equal successor states.

“The smart move is to say, ‘look, if it happens – namely if the referendum actually, you know, achieves a “Yes” vote for independence – there will be a path developed for the continued participation of the Scottish people and thus of the new nation of Scotland or the restored nation of Scotland in the European Union”. Read more of this post

Better Together?

The politicians opposed to Independence for Scotland are now collaborating in a newly launched Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat campaign called ‘Better Together’.

A wag might be tempted to warn that this carefully chosen name should not to be confused with the ‘Better Together’ NHS programme, particularly since NHS Scotland is thoroughly better off for being independent from the NHS down south! Read more of this post