MSP Bill Walker says “Scrap Trident”

??????????Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker has lent his support in the Scottish Parliament to the Scrap Trident campaign. The campaign – which operates under the slogan: “Let Scotland lead the way to a nuclear-free world” — calls for a weekend of protest and action in Glasgow and Faslane from 13th to 15th April.

Mr Walker said: “Despite 80 per cent of Scots wanting rid of Trident and despite the Scottish Parliament voting overwhelmingly against Trident’s renewal, the London government continues to foist this unwanted obscenity upon Scottish shores. And now the Tories intend to renew Trident, meaning it will remain on the Clyde for at least another fifty years. Read more of this post

Glasgow 2014

MSPs in the Scottish Parliament recently had a chance to meet Clyde, the thistle-inspired mascot of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Clyde, designed by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour of Cumbernauld, will be visiting Scottish communities throughout the journey to the Games and will play a major role in key moments. I hope he will inspire children and young people to get involved in Scotland’s largest ever sporting event.

Communities, organisations and individuals must work together if the Games are to be an outstanding success and produce a lasting legacy. There are various ways to get involved, such as the Cultural and Volunteer Programmes and the Queen’s Baton Relay. Read more of this post

Commonwealth Games Mascot Clyde Drops into Parliament

“Thistle-man” Clyde, official mascot of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, dropped into the Scottish Parliament recently to give MSPs a progress update.

After meeting Clyde, Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker said: “Clyde will be highly visible in the journey towards the Games and will play a major part in motivating young people to get involved in Scotland’s largest ever sporting event. Well done to twelve-year-old Beth Gilmour of Cumbernauld who won the UK-wide competition to design Glasgow 2014’s official mascot. I understand Beth is a keen swimmer, so I’m certain she will enjoy the Games. Read more of this post