Energy Savings

Scottish Gas customers will now receive a half-yearly review using their personal energy consumption to advise of cheaper internal tariffs. I hope other energy companies will provide this too. It’s important for customers of all energy companies to be aware of the best energy deals, whether this means switching tariffs or suppliers.

The difficulty is, of course, not knowing what price increases are around the corner if you take the trouble to switch to a variable-rate tariff. In light of ever increasing price hikes, insulating your property is an important step to reduce your bills. The Scottish Government, in conjunction with other bodies, frequently helps to finance cavity wall and loft insulation. I try to publicise such offers on my website when I hear of them, but you can also keep an eye on the Scottish Government’s website. Read more of this post

Bill Demands Action on Soaring Energy Prices

Bill recently commented on a new ofgem report, which reveals that energy firm profit margins have risen to £125 per customer per year, from just £15 in June.

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