Police and Fire Reform

Now that The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act passed into law last week, Scotland’s police are set to merge into a single force, with interim headquarters at Tulliallan.

Though the reforms were necessitated by the ConDems slashing Scotland’s block grant, I am optimistic that the new force will deliver even greater efficiency and effectiveness than before. Very little should change on the ground but, by eliminating cost duplication across the country, we should avoid mirroring the deplorable situation in England and Wales, where an estimated 16,000 frontline police officers are being axed.

I look forward to the new force being up and running by next April.

The above was originally written for Bill’s Dunfermline Press column. This version may vary slightly.

Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1 – Local Government and Regeneration Committee, 21 February 2012

Good afternoon. I want to follow that up at a local level. In Fife, we have a pretty good relationship between Fife Council and the police, especially at local level. We have wards, area committees and so on, and as a councillor I regularly meet constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors…

Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1 – Local Government and Regeneration Committee, 08 February 2012

I will follow that up on a practical level. I am still a local councillor in Fife and we have a pretty good relationship with the police. For example, at ward level we work with constables and sergeants; at area committee level, we work with chief inspectors; and at Fife Council, we work with the ch…

Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill

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