Household Water Charge Freeze

News that household water charges will be frozen for 2012/13 has been welcomed by Dunfermline SNP MSP Bill Walker. Instead of rising in April, charges will remain at the same level as for the last four years.
Mr Walker said: “This means the average charge will stay at £324. Taken together with the Council Tax freeze, this move brings much-needed relief for squeezed householders.
“At a time of swingeing Tory cuts, the SNP are doing what we can to protect people and to make Scotland a better place to live and work, to create a fairer, more socially just country. We have implemented free tuition fees, free concessionary bus travel, free prescription charges, free personal care for the elderly, and, of particular benefit to Dunfermline and the wider economy, we abolished the Forth Road Bridge tolls.
“Rather than following the Tory route of privatisation, the SNP will continue to keep Scottish Water safe in public ownership, ensuring we have one of the lowest water charges in the UK.”

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