Independence Referendum Consultation

MSP Bill Walker is urging his Dunfermline constituents to take part in shaping the Independence Referendum by participating in the Scottish Government Consultation.

Mr Walker said: “The Scottish Government wants to hear the views of the people of Scotland on how the Referendum should be shaped—whether Scotland or London should control it, what should be asked, who should be eligible to vote and so on.

“To this end, the Scottish Government has launched a Consultation to engage people and find out their views. The Independence Referendum will be Scotland’s most important decision in 300 years, and all shades of opinion need to be heard.

“I believe the Referendum should be shaped in Scotland, by the people of Scotland, and should not come with Westminster strings. For this reason, I hope as many people participate in the Consultation as possible, whatever their views, and that the people of Dunfermline will take this opportunity to express their opinions.

“The best people to make decisions about Scotland’s future are the people who live in Scotland, since no one cares more about our success.

“Without the full range of powers available to any independent country, we are hampered in our ability to create jobs and grow our economy, and we are at the mercy of mismanagement and savage ideological cuts by successive Westminster administrations, and we are stuck with UK Tory Governments we overwhelmingly don’t vote for.”

A copy of the Scottish Government’s independence referendum consultation can be found at, along with details of how to respond.


Bill Reflects on the Independence Referendum Consultation



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