Dunfermline MSP Accuses UK Government of Losing Scotland MOD Jobs

MoD contracts for the next generation of Royal Navy support tankers have been awarded to firms in South Korea, prompting SNP MSP Bill Walker to point out the hypocrisy of anti-independence politicians.
The Dunfermline MSP, whose constituency borders Rosyth, where the dockyard is a major employer in Fife, said:
“The anti-independence parties have endlessly talked down the post-independence prospects of the Scottish shipbuilding industry, but the UK Government is the one causing uncertainty.
“These contracts could have created jobs for the Clyde—and possibly Rosyth, in some kind of assembly or fitting-out role.
“This decision is a sad blow for domestic ship-building and puts the lie to the anti-independence parties’ scaremongering.
“The Scottish Labour and Tory parties were quick enough to criticise when steel had to be ordered from abroad for the Forth Replacement Crossing, but where are they now?
“The previous Labour Westminster Government began the tendering process. They must now explain why huge contracts are going to South Korea. Further contracts for the fast jets have been awarded to France.
“What exactly is their case for Scotland remaining in the UK here?  With Westminster making such decisions, the anti-independence parties will need some new rhetoric besides claiming Scotland is better of in the UK.”

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