Update for Dunfermline Constituents

On Saturday, 7th April 2012, following a Hearing with the Disciplinary Committee, I was expelled from the Scottish National Party (SNP).

The Committee upheld the Complaint from the Party’s National Secretary that I had withheld from the Party information about unproven allegations concerning my former marriages when applying to become an approved Parliamentary Candidate for the 2011 Scottish Elections.  I deny that such was the case and still maintain that I completed the relevant application form in a full and proper manner. 

At no time during the vetting, selection and confirmation processes was I ever asked about my declared previous divorce proceedings and related matters.

Nevertheless, the Disciplinary Committee decided that I had breached the Party’s Code of Conduct in not fully detailing all the unproven allegations against me from decades ago and so expelled me in accordance with the rules which it is entitled to do.  I fully understand the need for the SNP to uphold its high expectations of its elected representatives but regret that it believes I should have highlighted allegations from many years ago. 

The Party decision had nothing to do with the allegations themselves but concerned my claimed non-disclosure of these untested accusations in detail.  I am currently considering my position regarding an appeal against the expulsion.

However, I can assure all my constituents that I shall be continuing as the elected MSP for Dunfermline, sitting in the Scottish Parliament as an Independent Nationalist.  There is much to do, work I look forward to pursuing over the next four years.  Constituents should continue to contact me and my hard-working staff, who remain committed to assisting me in my Constituency Office. 

In this recent difficult time I have been greatly heartened by the number of local people who have contacted me with their support which I greatly appreciate.   

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