S4M-02554: Dunfermline’s New Local Beer

That the Parliament congratulates David Austin, owner of the Dunfermline café-deli, Reuben’s, on brewing what it understands to be the town’s first beer in over 200 years; understands that Mr Austin has named the beer, de Brus, after the Bruce clan, and that it has been given the “thumbs up” from Lord Elgin; notes that it is a traditional Scottish beer with a nod to the past brewing history of Dunfermline; considers that innovation is important for small businesses, particularly in what it believes are difficult economic times, and wishes Mr Austin every success with his efforts to have de Brus adopted as Dunfermline’s local beer.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie

Date Lodged: 30/03/2012

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