Further Update for Dunfermline Constituents

I have tried to avoid fuelling a media feeding frenzy regarding allegations in relation to my former private life. However, the allegations have become so distressing that I feel compelled to issue a brief statement.

I have never assaulted anyone as claimed in various reports, and not a single allegation made against me has ever been tested in Court.

When my second marriage ended, as with my first, I took legal advice and was advised that if I wanted to save the marriage, I should defend the divorce action. Otherwise, I should “hold my tongue” and leave my then wife’s divorce action to proceed, which I duly did.

A decision not to defend the Divorce Proceedings is not an admission of the allegations made in the Proceedings.

I am surprised that Anne has now chosen to make an extremely serious allegation against me in the weekend press, especially when in the intervening time since our divorce she has tried to rekindle our former relationship on a number of occasions. This claim on my part is something I can prove, though I still have no wish to embarrass her or indulge in an undignified public spat.

My third marriage ended when I divorced my then wife, Diana. I find it strange that she has now chosen to make serious allegations on TV, when she has never before made any such claims and, indeed, spoke positively of me before a court when she had given up custody of her son from her own earlier marriage and was trying to gain access.

My belief is that these allegations are part of an orchestrated smear campaign to which I shall not be succumbing. I shall continue to serve the interests of the people of my Dunfermline Constituency.

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