£10,000 Floral Funding to Help Beautify West Fife Villages

Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir Community Council has received a grant of almost £10,000 to run a floral displays scheme. The Council hopes to encourage locals to become involved in community gardening, so as to help beautify the villages and enhance civic pride.

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker welcomed the news:

“Congratulations to the Community Council for securing this Big Lottery funding. This is great news for the local people who will enjoy this enhancement of their villages. The displays will also create an even more positive image to visitors.

“A great many groups throughout West Fife have now received grants from the Big Lottery Fund for their voluntary and community projects. I would strongly encourage others to find out about Big Lottery funding and also to be aware of other grants that might be available.

“As for the West Fife Villages, I very much look forward to seeing their floral displays!”

The Community Council’s £9,895 award will fund, among other things, planters, seating, watering equipment, a lawnmower, compost bins and a newsletter.

The project meets the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All outcomes of “People have better and more sustainable services and environments” and “People and communities are healthier”.

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