Fife Businesses Invited to Networking Initiative

A new networking group, aimed at encouraging small and medium-sized Fife businesses to share opportunities and market-place experiences, has launched in Fife.

Local MSP Bill Walker hailed InVite Business Networking as a positive initiative and a step forward in boosting the local economy.

He said: “It isn’t easy running a small or medium-sized enterprise even in prosperous times, let alone when the economy is under such pressures. This is an opportunity for local business people to share ideas and practices and, perhaps, to feel less isolated.

“I am very interested to hear how the first meeting progresses, and I hope InVite achieve their intention of holding monthly meetings as well as a members’ annual business showcase.

“I trust these meetings will be a productive experience for all taking part.”

InVite is run by Ian Thomson from IT Turning Point and Tim Thomson, centre manager at Dunfermline’s The Vine Venue. Their first meeting is at the Vine Venue on Thursday 16th August, 6pm.

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