Question S4W-10633: NHS Self-management Programmes for Osteoarthritis

Bill Walker: To ask the Scottish Government whether it plans to formally evaluate the NHS self-management programmes available for people with osteoarthritis.

Date Lodged: 26/10/2012
Answered by Alex Neil (Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing) (07/11/2012): The Scottish Government has no plans to conduct a formal evaluation of NHS self-management programmes for patients with osteoarthritis.
It is for NHS Boards to plan and provide services in accordance with national and local priorities and in line with the health needs of their resident populations. NHS Boards are expected to review services and facilities regularly to ensure that they continue to reflect local needs and provide the best quality healthcare services. This would include any self management programmes they provide. 
The voluntary sector has an important role to play in supporting NHS boards to deliver high quality services. In delivering services NHS boards can make use of self management programmes for a wide range of conditions.

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