Question S4W-10634: Access to Pharmacies in Rural Areas

Bill Walker: To ask the Scottish Government how it ensures that people in rural areas have access to local pharmacies.

Date Lodged: 26/10/2012
Answered by Alex Neil (Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing) (12/11/2012): The Scottish Government believes that people in all areas should have access to a local community pharmacy where that is possible. This is, however, a matter for NHS Boards. Provisions for applications to NHS Boards to open a community pharmacy are set out in the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services) (Scotland) Regulations 2009, as amended.
All NHS Boards are required to prepare a Pharmaceutical Care Services Plan (PCSP) for their area. A PCSP should provide a comprehensive picture of the range, nature and quality of pharmaceutical care provided in an NHS Board’s area, and identify where it believes there is a lack of adequate provision of pharmaceutical services, or where it believes there is over provision. NHS Boards should have reference to their PCSP when considering the need for pharmaceutical services in the context of an application.

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