MSPs Visit Duloch Primary School

MSP visit to Duloch Primary SchoolThree Fife MSPs were recently put through their paces by some of Dunfermline’s most exacting constituents – pupils of Duloch Primary School.

One of the trio, Dunfermline Constituency MSP Bill Walker, said: “Last Friday I was pleased to make an MSP joint visit Duloch Primary School in Dunfermline.

“Along with regional colleagues, Willie Rennie MSP and Clare Baker MSP, we were hosted by Headteacher Mrs Deborah Davidson and her Deputy, Mrs Jackie Carwell.  But the stars of the show were the pupils of Primaries 4 and 5.

“I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity, skill and enthusiasm of such young people when embarking on any interesting project.  This time it was founding a new political party by each group of around five pupils.  We mere MSPs had a lot to learn from the pupils’ creation of their own party name, objectives, manifesto and even colourful party rosette!  Interestingly, most seemed to concentrate on environmental issues.

“More was to follow  when we three MSPs were subjected to an uninhibited pupils’ Q & A session. The boys and girls fired a range of questions at us, ranging from the number of rooms in the Scottish Parliament to whether Scotland should become independent. Other searching questions about political policy kept us on out toes and demonstrated just how clued-up these youngsters are on current affairs.

“These pupils are visiting Parliament today, Tuesday.  I certainly hope it lives up to their expectations, and I am confident this group can make a positive contribution to Scotland’s future.”   

MSPs Bill Walker (left), Willie Rennie (centre) and Claire Baker (right) visit Duloch Primary School

MSPs Bill Walker (left), Willie Rennie (centre) and Claire Baker (second from right) visit Duloch Primary School

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