Vote No to Dogma

The Independence Referendum next year is about the future of Scotland and her people, not a vote for or against the current SNP Government or any political party.

As former LibDem councillor Gerry McMullan pointed out in the letters page of last week’s Dunfermline Press, the Referendum is about whether Scots should make decisions about their future through an independent Scottish Parliament or remain dominated by Westminster.

It’s about whether the electorate should vote for a government – of whichever political hue – to take forward policies that are right and relevant for Scotland. If there are mistakes to be make, let’s at least make them for ourselves!

Last week’s Scottish Parliamentary by-election in Aberdeen Donside produced a very good result for Labour, who reduced the SNP majority of over 7,000 to just over 2,000. Depressingly, the turnout was a mere 39% despite high-profile campaigns by all parties and a number of important local issues being to the fore.

Next year’s Referendum should be completely different, and I hope all west Fifers will consider the vital issues free from party political dogma.

The above was originally written for Bill’s Dunfermline Press column. This version may vary slightly.

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