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 “Bill Walker: My Story” Autobiography Now Available in
Bill has now published Volume One of his autobiography, “Bill Walker: My Story”, as a hard-copy PAPERBACK, available online through Amazon Books *.
Subtitled “Setting the Record Straight”, Bill Walker first covers a private and professional life, full of interest and surprise.
From humble origins, he became a patent-earning leader in the global development of nuclear medicine scanning, before entering other professional areas.
His private life was less smooth with periods of great happiness, fulfilment, frustration and desperate sadness.
His later entry into elected politics exposed personal and political treachery against him at the highest level.
Bill Walker has much to say about the murky world of internal party politics and his treatment by a Scottish legal system which, his supporters suggest, had little connection with the pursuit of justice.
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* “Bill Walker: My Story” can be found online at Amazon Books, as both a downloadable e-book and now a paperback. Photographs accompanying both books can be found on his blog, as posted earlier this month.


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