Bill Walker: My Story” – Volume 2 to be Published in 2018

Bill Walker, former Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Dunfermline Constituency, has welcomed the positive reception to Volume 1 of his recently published autobiography, ‘Bill Walker: My Story’ and advises of the forthcoming release of Volume 2.

Commenting, Mr Walker said:
“I have been very, very pleased at the reception given to the first volume of my autobiography, covering my private and professional life, since its original publication via Amazon Books, on 10 Sep 2017 as an e-book, followed by the paperback on 29 Sep 2017.

“To date, I have not received a single request for a correction which is a relief in view of all the detail I provided.  I appreciate that the content of Volume 1 was frequently technical and business-oriented, yet I was glad to have been advised by one reviewer that it was “never boring!”.

Mr Walker continued:
“I am now working on Volume 2, entitled ‘Politics and Justice?’, in which ‘Setting the Record Straight’ will again be both the subtitle and my objective. This volume will focus on the murky world of party political manipulation and control and my treatment by a Scottish criminal justice system that I would suggest has shown tenuous concern for the pursuit and delivery of justice. My entry into elected politics, after a long professional career and nearly forty years as an SNP activist, exposed me to the ubiquitous personal and political treachery that operates at the highest level.

“When published next year, Volume 2 will provide an account of my experience which will meticulously detail how the SNP hierarchy were both aware of allegations made by a relation of a former wife many years prior to my candidacy and election as an MSP, and then embroiled in orchestrating a political cover-up”.


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