High Hedges Bill Lodged

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker welcomed news that an SNP colleague yesterday lodged a Private Member’s Bill to curb the neighbourhood nuisance of high hedges.
He said:
“Legislation on high hedges was part of the SNP manifesto pledge and the issue is something we take very seriously.
“High hedges cause misery for many people. I have had a number of constituents contact me about their neighbours’ hedges, explaining how they can no longer enjoy their gardens, which are perpetually cold and dark, or even hang their washing out to dry—simple things the rest of us take for granted.
“Sadly, the problem can all too often sour relationships between neighbours.”
Earlier this year, Mark McDonald, MSP for North East Scotland, won the full support of the Scottish Government when he announced his intention to bring forward the bill.
Since then, Mr McDonald has consulted with a large variety of organisations about how to implement possible solutions. He has also visited numerous authorities in England to find out how high hedges legislation, which has been in place there since 2005, works in practice.
Mr McDonald said:
“Now that the bill proposal has been lodged, the next step will be for a parliamentary committee to decide if there is a need for another consultation or if we can go straight to legislation. I am hopeful that as there has already been a government consultation I will be able to introduce the bill before parliament in mid-2012.”

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