Dunfermline MSP Welcomes Hydro-electric Schemes

Reports of an increase in Scottish estate owners applying to build small hydro-electric schemes on local burns have been welcomed by Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker.
Perth and Kinross Council has received various applications for “run-of-river schemes”, which involve water being diverted from the flow upstream and run through a turbine, before returning to the water-course further down.
Mr Walker, who is also a chartered engineer, said:
“This is good news—every scheme helps towards the Scottish Government’s plan to produce all of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020. 
“In Fife, we have many modest-sized rivers that could be excellent candidates for run-of-river electricity generation.  Here in West Fife, I know that a pre-feasibility study has already been carried out on the Bluther Burn in the Valleyfield Woodland Park.  Such a scheme could produce hundreds of kWs for the National Grid on a dependable basis (unlike wind turbines, which are intermittent) and could even help finance local projects such as caring for the Woodland itself.
“I hope we will see more applications in Fife, as this is a renewable energy method well suited to our terrain and without any significant effect on the environment.”  

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