Woodmill High School Wins ‘Olympics’ Funding

Dunfermline children will organise and take part in their own Olympic Games later this year, after Woodmill High School won Big Lottery funding.

The grant of £6,208 will enable the school to hold a variety of sports and activities for Primary Seven pupils from across 8 schools, culminating in a 4-day Olympic event which the children will attend with Woodmill pupils from first year.

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker said: “Congratulations to Woodmill High School on their Big Lottery award.

“This project will encourage children to take more exercise and to participate in team and individual activities, while introducing the primary school pupils to new sports.

“This is a really novel way of preparing Primary Seven pupils for their move to high school, which is a huge transition in any young person’s life. The primary pupils will be able to mingle with the first years and get an idea of high school life.”

The Big Lottery grant will fund transportation to local sporting facilities, hockey goalkeeper’s sets, costumes for the Opening Ceremony and the hire of facilities and instructors.

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