Hydro-electric Schemes in Fife

The Scottish Government’s target of producing all of Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020 is ambitious but it can be met — and for the sake of future generations, I believe it must be. Read more of this post

Question S4W-06446: Hydroelectric Schemes

Bill Walker: To ask the Scottish Executive what incentives are in place to encourage the implementation of run-of-river hydroelectric schemes in West Fife and the rest of the country.

Date Lodged: 26/03/2012 Read more of this post

Dunfermline MSP Welcomes Hydro-electric Schemes

Reports of an increase in Scottish estate owners applying to build small hydro-electric schemes on local burns have been welcomed by Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker. Read more of this post

Excellent Renewable Energy News

Proposals for a brand new hydro-electric scheme with pumped water storage, at Loch Lochy, north of Fort William, should be welcomed across Scotland. Such a scheme would reduce any arguments in favour of building further wind farms, including in Fife. Read more of this post