S4M-05425: EU Co-equal Successor States

That the Parliament welcomes the opinion of Professor David Scheffer, the Harvard and Oxford-educated American international lawyer and academic, that both Scotland and the rest of the UK will become “co-equal successor states” to the EU in the event of Scotland regaining independence; considers the contributions of such leading authorities as Professor Scheffer, whose posts have included Special Advisor to Madeleine Albright at the United Nations, first US Ambassador-at-large for War Crimes Issues under Bill Clinton’s administration and lecturer at North Western University School of Law, to be extremely valuable in helping the Scottish electorate reach an informed decision in the run-up to the independence referendum; hopes that the professor’s contribution will both reassure and be welcomed by those who are concerned about whether or not Scotland would have to reapply to join the EU after independence, and considers the main threat to Scotland’s continuing membership of the EU to come from Westminster, where factions of MPs on both the Conservative and Labour benches are reported to be pressing their leaders for an in-out EU referendum for the UK.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, John Mason, David Torrance, Gil Paterson, Colin Beattie, Jim Eadie, Colin Keir, Christine Grahame, Dave Thompson, Stuart McMillan, Willie Coffey, Mike MacKenzie, John Finnie, Nigel Don, Chic Brodie

Date Lodged: 21/01/13

S4M-05349: Arctic Youth Jazz Orchestra Returns for Fife Jazz Festival

That the Parliament is delighted to welcome the Arctic Youth Jazz Orchestra on its second visit from Sweden to perform at the Fife Jazz Festival in February 2013, where it will once more collaborate with the award-winning Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra (FYJO) and also with the saxophonist and FYJO graduate, Helena Kay; extends its warmest welcome to the other international musicians taking part in the festival, including Sweden’s Norrbotten Big Band, the New York pianist and singer, Champian Fulton, blues musician and son of the late Muddy Waters, Mud Morganfield and Finland’s Erja Lyytinen, and wishes all the international and home-grown musicians and attendees a very enjoyable festival.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Sandra White, David Torrance, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Gil Paterson, Colin Keir, Stuart MacMillan

Date Lodged: 11/01/13

S4M-05311: 2013 Centenary of the Carnegie UK Trust

That the Parliament commends the Carnegie UK Trust on 100 years of working to improve the lives and wellbeing of people throughout the UK and Ireland as it celebrates its centenary throughout 2013; understands that, since its founding by Andrew Carnegie, the Dunfermline-born businessman and philanthropist, the trust has awarded extensive grants, created and supported new organisations and commissioned many reports on major social issues; wishes the trust success with the range of events and projects that will mark its centenary, including a book and film charting the trust’s work, the launching of a centenary website and online searchable archive and the supporting of musical initiatives, and looks forward to welcoming the Carnegie UK Trust to the Parliament in October 2013 for the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

Supported by: Graeme Dey, John Mason, Brian Adam, Bill Kidd, Kevin Stewart, John Finnie, Kenneth Gibson, Chic Brodie, David Torrance, Dave Thompson, Mike MacKenzie, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Colin Keir, Maureen Watt, Sandra White, Richard Lyle, Gil Paterson, Christine Graham, Fiona McLeod, Stuart McMillan, Claire Adamson

Date Lodged: 08/01/13

S4M-05151: £10,000 Awards for All Grant for Link Church

That the Parliament congratulates the Link Christian Fellowship Church in Dunfermline on receiving a £10,000 Awards for All grant from the Big Lottery Fund; understands that this will be used to improve community access to the church hall through the installation of disabled facilities for the benefit of the congregation and for local community groups who use the hall; commends the church on the good work that it performs in the community, such as providing flip flops, foil space blankets and bottle protectors for young people on nights out, and wishes it well with its ambition to continue developing the hall as a busy community hub for diverse groups, where people can find support and learn skills.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Bill Kidd, Nigel Don

Date Lodged: 07/12/12

S4M-05007: Appointment of Dr Mark Carney as Governor of the Bank of England

That the Parliament congratulates Dr Mark Carney, currently Governor of the Bank of Canada, on his appointment as Governor of the Bank of England; considers that Dr Carney is an international finance expert of wide experience and high reputation; is of the view that, under his guidance, the Canadian banking sector and economy in general did not participate in the excesses of the unwise credit boom, which included unsustainable investment in the sub-prime mortgage market and led the USA, UK and some other jurisdictions into the present, prolonged recession; considers that the economies of Canada and some other countries are now in a substantially better condition than the aforementioned jurisdictions, and wishes Dr Carney well in his new duties, including restoring the regulation of the banking sector, whose decisions in recent years, it considers, have greatly damaged the economy and lives of ordinary people in Scotland.

Supported by: David Torrance, Mike MacKenzie, Tavish Scott, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 27/11/2012

S4M-04911: Philanthropic Achievements of Andrew Carnegie

That the Parliament acknowledges the 177th anniversary of the birth of Andrew Carnegie, the Dunfermline-born industrialist and philanthropist, on 25th November; applauds his establishment of thousands of public institutions such as libraries, museums, schools and universities throughout the world; recognises his generosity in giving away the equivalent of $4.8 billion during his lifetime and $30,000,000 on his death, and acknowledges his creation of twenty foundations, many of which still exist and continue to serve the public, including the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Carnegie Corporation of New York and Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Supported by: David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Brian Adam, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Kevin Stewart, Colin Keir, Dave Thompson

Date Lodged: 20/11/2012

S4M-04909: Scouts’ Funding to Encourage Duke of Edinburgh Award Participation

That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Council of the Scout Association, based in Fordell Firs in Fife, on securing an award of £9,826 from the Big Lottery Fund; wishes the association well in its endeavours to use the funding to increase participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition Programme, and understands that it will create an equipment store at Lochgoilhead Outdoor Activity Centre and purchase tents, GPS trackers, navigation compasses, boots, outer jackets and outer trousers.

Supported by: David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Mike MacKenzie, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don

Date Lodged: 20/11/2012

S4M-04696: Carnegie Leisure Centre Wins Saltire Award for Civil Engineering

That the Parliament congratulates Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline on earning what is considered a prestigious 2012 Saltire Award for Civil Engineering; understands that the businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie presented the Edwardian leisure centre to the people of Dunfermline in 1905 and therefore considers it to be of historical importance to Fife; notes that the centre reopened in December 2011 following refurbishment and that the original period features were retained while structural issues were overcome and the entire centre was modernised for the needs of today’s visitors, and considers that the leisure centre has proved a resounding success since its re-launch with, it understands, around 1,000 visitors every evening.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Nigel Don, Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, Colin Beattie, Colin Keir, Richard Lyle, Gil Paterson

Date Lodged: 05/11/2012

S4M-04645: Award for Life-enhancing Charity for People with Learning Difficulties

That the Parliament congratulates Dunfermline Advocacy Initiative (DAI) on its award of £7,500 from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland; understands that this will be used to help with staff costs for a community project; notes that DAI introduces people with learning difficulties to volunteers who will work to represent their interests, protect their rights and involve them in the life of the community; understands that, in 2011, DAI was awarded £260,000 for its Younger People’s Project, which aims to improve the self-esteem, social connections and decision-making abilities of 16 to 24-year-olds with learning disabilities, and believes that DAI encourages volunteers and people with learning difficulties to make a real difference to each other’s lives.

Supported by: Brian Adam, Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Nigel Don, Colin Beattie, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 31/10/2012

S4M-04621: Talk Matters Counselling Service Funding

That the Parliament congratulates the Dunfermline-based counselling service Talk Matters on receiving £5,000 funding from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland; understands that Talk Matters is a confidential counselling service for Fife and Alva adults with depression or other difficult personal circumstances; notes that this funding will go toward staff provision and that it follows a £40,000 award last year from Children in Need for the Headroom service, which provides counselling for children and younger people, and recognises the importance of ensuring that people with depression have the opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings in confidence

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, Colin Keir, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 30/10/2012


S4M-04612: A Practical Commitment to Reducing CO2 Emissions in Transport

That the Parliament welcomes what it understands is a commitment by Stagecoach to reduce the CO2 emissions of its entire east of Scotland bus fleet by adopting the B30 fuel system, which uses a blend of 30% biofuel and 70% standard diesel; understands that this will affect 530 vehicles across Fife, Dundee, Angus and Perthshire that use a blend of 5% biofuel and 95% diesel; believes that the B30 system will be introduced in partnership with the Motherwell-based company Argent Energy, which manufactures biofuel from waste products, and considers that this will be a positive step toward reaching what it considers to be the Scottish Government’s ambitious target for the sustainable reduction of the country’s carbon footprint.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, John Mason, Brian Adam, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie, Maureen Watt, Dave Thompson, Gil Paterson, Kevin Stewart, Colin Keir, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 30/10/2012

S4M-04507: Improvements to Fife-Glasgow Bus Services

That the Parliament welcomes the £4.4 million investment in Fife bus services, following Stagecoach’s recent purchase of what it understands are nine luxury Plaxton Elite coaches for the Fife-Glasgow express network, in addition to five coaches for the Fife-Edinburgh service purchased over the last year; believes that this enhancement will particularly benefit disabled and older people and people commuting to work; understands that the coaches have an increased capacity of 65 leather seats and feature wheelchair lifts, CCTV, toilets and free wi-fi, and looks forward to similar improvements in services throughout Scotland.

Supported by: David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Kenneth Gibson, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 19/10/2012

S4M-04499: Parliament Welcomes the Historic Edinburgh Agreement

That the Parliament welcomes the signing of the historic Edinburgh Agreement between the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, and the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron; believes that the debate on Scottish independence should now move forward to full, frank and open discussion of the perceived benefits of independence and of the union, and hopes that it will be conducted in a positive and respectful manner with real vision for the future of Scotland.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald, Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Brian Adam, Dave Thompson, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle

Date Lodged: 18/10/2012

S4M-04307: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Funding

That the Parliament acknowledges the benefits to young people and their communities of awards made by such bodies as the Big Lottery Fund, aimed at encouraging participation in sports and exercise; recognises, particularly, the value of such funding in the run-up to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games; congratulates Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club on its Big Lottery award of £1,900 to purchase equipment and encourage young people to become involved in hockey, and looks forward to supporting a successful “Team Scotland” in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Kevin Stewart, Colin Beattie, Dave Thompson, Colin Keir

Date Lodged: 28/09/2012

S4M-04178: Remembering the Suffragettes

That the Parliament remembers and commemorates the 50th anniversary, on 11 September 2012, of the death of Anna Munro, the Dunfermline woman who founded one of the first branches of the Women’s Social and Political Union, the Suffragettes, in Scotland in 1906; understands that she was imprisoned for protesting in 1908 and that she participated in the census boycott of 1911, and applauds her resilience and efforts in successfully campaigning for the right of women to vote.

Supported by: Brian Adam, Kenneth Gibson, Dave Thompson, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Fiona McLeod, Richard Lyle, John Finnie, Kevin Stewart, Colin Beattie, Maureen Watt, Colin Keir

Date Lodged: 18/09/2012

S4M-04066: Parliament Hails Andy Murray’s Magnificent Sporting Achievements

That the Parliament hails what it considers to the magnificent achievement of Scot Andy Murray on winning the 2012 US Open Championship, the first UK citizen to win a tennis “grand slam” event for over 70 years; applauds what it sees as Andy’s incredible year of sporting achievements, which included becoming the gold medallist in the men’s singles at the Olympics; commends what it considers to be his modest and dignified manner in reaching these sporting heights, and wishes Andy success in his future career.

Supported by: John Mason, Graham Dey, Brian Adam, Kevin Stewart, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Dave Thompson, Colin Beattie, Maureen Watt, Sandra White, Colin Keir

Date Lodged: 11/09/2012

S4M-04063: UK Defence Secretary’s Absence from Scotland

That the Parliament expresses regret that Philip Hammond has yet to visit Scotland since becoming Secretary of State for Defence 11 months ago; notes that his absence occurs at a time when historic Scottish regiments have faced uncertainty regarding whether they would survive UK Government cuts; understands that over the last 10 years successive UK administrations have underspent on Scotland’s defence budget by £5.6 billion; further understands that between 2000 and 2010 Scotland experienced a 27.9% reduction in service personnel compared with 11.6% across the UK and that the number of service jobs continued to decline over the last year; considers these cuts to be disproportionate and damaging to Scotland, and believes that the potential £25 billion or more put aside for the upgrade of Trident nuclear missile submarines would be far better either saved for the taxpayer or spent more appropriately on non-nuclear defence.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Brian Adam, Richard Lyle, Dave Thompson

Date Lodged: 10/09/2012

S4M-04041: Riding for the Disabled Association Awarded £10,000

That the Parliament congratulates Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Driving Dunfermline Group (RDA Dunfermline) on receiving a £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund to improve its riding arena; understands that RDA Dunfermline is a registered charity that provides tuition and hippotherapy to autistic youngsters and to people aged 3 to 65 with learning difficulties, medical conditions and who are physically disabled; considers that the activities offered by RDA Dunfermline can improve people’s confidence and enrich their lives as well as having significant physical benefits; further recognises the benefit to younger people who might not otherwise have a chance to fully participate in group activities with their peers, and wishes RDA Dunfermline every success with the continued provision of what it sees as this worthwhile service.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald, Fiona McLeod, Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Maureen Watt, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 07/09/2012

S4M-03965: First Female Minister Appointed to Historic Abbey

That the Parliament welcomes the appointment of Reverend MaryAnn Rennie as the first female minister of the historic Dunfermline Abbey, burial place of King Robert the Bruce and a wealth of Scottish kings and queens; understands that Revered Rennie has 14 years of experience as a parish minister and that she currently serves in St Anne’s Parish Church in Corstorphine, Edinburgh; considers that Reverend Rennie will bring a wealth of experience to her new charge, and wishes her success in her appointment.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Graeme Dey, Dave Thompson, Colin Beattie, Jamie Hepburn, Kevin Stewart

Date Lodged: 31/08/2012

S4M-03942: Congratulations to Scottish National Waterski Centre on Enhancements

That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish National Waterski Centre on its recent upgrade; notes that this follows the Colton Trust and Fife Council spending approximately £150,000 regenerating Townhill Country Park; understands that the centre, which is based at Town Loch in Townhill, Dunfermline, is Scotland’s national waterskiing training site and is regarded as one of the best facilities in Europe; considers that it also plays an important part in the Fife economy, and wishes every success to the newly installed Loch Café and to proprietor Marie Hendry, who has put so much time and energy into getting the café up and running.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart, Kenneth Gibson, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 29/08/2012

S4M-03915: Church of Latter-day Saints 25th Anniversary

That the Parliament sends its warmest wishes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and ward bishop Charles Marr on the 25th anniversary of the church’s Dunfermline meeting house, which is scheduled to be marked 8 September 2012; congratulates the church on what it considers to be its good work with families and the community, and wishes it success over the next 25 years.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie

Date Lodged: 27/08/2012

S4M-03910: The Passing of Neil Armstrong

That the Parliament records with great sorrow the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon; recalls his historic words uttered at the time of the moon landing, “that’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind”; respects what it considers to be the great humility and modesty of this brave pilot and self-confessed “nerdy engineer”, and remembers fondly his many visits to Scotland, his ancestral home, from his 1972 visit to accept the freedom of the Burgh of Langholm, to his final visit in 2010, a golfing trip to the Kingdom of Fife.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Dave Thompson, Kenneth Gibson, Kevin Stewart, Fiona McLeod, Maureen Watt

Date Lodged: 27/08/2012

S4M-03837: 22nd Fiddlers’ Rally

That the Parliament wishes the Dunfermline Strathspey and Reel Society a successful 22nd Fiddlers’ Rally in September 2012; understands that the society will present over 70 musicians from all over Scotland and will feature twice-British accordion champion, Alan Roy, and wishes conductor Ron Smith and the musicians good fortune on the night.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, David Torrance, Dave Thompson, Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie

Date Lodged: 14/08/2012

S4M-03775: Congratulations to Andy Murray on Olympic Victory

That the Parliament congratulates Scotland’s Andy Murray on becoming the first person to win gold in the Olympic Men’s Singles Tennis for the British team since Josiah Ritchie in 1908 after what it considers to be his stunning straight sets victory against Roger Federer on Wimbledon’s Centre Court; commends what it views as his modest and dignified demeanour in victory; further congratulates Andy Murray and his playing partner Laura Robson on winning silver in the mixed doubles, and wishes Andy Murray many more successes in his outstanding career.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Fiona McLeod, Mike MacKenzie, Margaret Burgess, Kevin Stewart, Colin Keir, Maureen Watt, Dave Thompson, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, David Torrance, Stuart McMillan

Date Lodged: 06/08/2012

S4M-03706: Can-Am Pipe Band’s Jubilee Tour of Scotland

That the Parliament extends its warmest wishes to the 100-strong North American pipe band Can-Am on its jubilee tour of Scotland; understands that the visit of the band will include performances at Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline and the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, and, in hoping that Can-Am enjoys a successful jubilee tour, wishes the band fair skies for all of its outdoor performances.

Supported by: Margaret Burgess, Mike MacKenzie, Angus MacDonald, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie

Date Lodged: 26/07/2012